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Colorbond Fences

Modern and functional, colorbond fencing is a great choice for long term return on your investment. Colorbond is a very popular material in construction, roofing, wall cladding, fences and more. Make a statement with your Colorbond fence.  We install Colorbond fences in a variety of heights, whether it be for your front fence or the whole of your boundary fences.

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Colorbond Gates

Complete the look with a quality colorbond gate for your property. A Colorbond gate is a total package in one—sturdy, stylish, and secure. Our Colorbond gate installations are available in a wide range of selections, including swinging and sliding gates, automatic or manual, double or pedestrian.

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    Our Colorbond Fencing and Gates Services

    Colorbond fencing is a popular choice for Ipswich locals due to the hardy durability and good looking nature that this steel product boasts. We supply and install Colorbond fences and gates across Ipswich and surrounding areas. 

    Having a Colorbond fence and gate installed on your property can add some serious curb appeal to your house. Colorbond as a material is durable and will hold up well against the rigors of Queensland weather. A quality Colorbond fence and gate will not only enhance the flair of your home and give you peace of mind and will generally outlast fences made of other materials like regular timber.

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    Why is Colorbond such a great material for fencing?

    Stop settling for cheaper, low quality materials that will cost you again and again in repair and maintenance costs. Invest once in a top of the range material that will last the ages. Why is Colorbond so popular for fencing in the local area?

    It’s strong and durable

    Unlike some of the other popular fencing materials on the market, Colorbond is long lasting and easy to maintain. It is termite proof and is fire resistant. Besides, it is very cost effective when you think about the price of timber fences or aluminium fences these days! Designed and manufactured in Australia, Colorbond is made to last in our harsh conditions. 

    Consider a colorbond fence with a slatted aluminium sliding gate, this is one very popular combination in our local area, especially for properties that are wider.

    It’s built with our climate 

    Designed and manufactured in Australia, Colorbond is made to last in our harsh conditions. This type of fencing is extremely durable and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. With the added benefit of being aesthetically versatile and attractive, the paint is bonded in the manufacturing process which means that the paint will not chip, flake or peel even with our strong UV rays. 

    It requires minimal effort and time for maintenance

    Very low maintenance, Colorbond when installed properly will not require touch ups or repairs. Minimal effort is required to keep this material looking good, remove dirt or mildew build up when you can, making sure to keep plants and trees away from the fence to prevent root systems growing underneath the fence and therefore compromising the foundations. You can simply wash it off with clean water and it will be ready to use again.

    When you choose a Colorbond fence, you will be provided with various warranties, the fence has to be installed to the specifications of the manufacturer to keep the warranty of colorbond therefore make sure you work with someone who knows what they are doing!

    Simply a good looking fence

    Your fence should suit and complement the exterior of your property, not take away from it. With colorbond, you have an array of different colours to choose from. Keep in mind that the fence is the same colour on both sides, therefore you’ll need to come to an amicable decision with your neighbour about colours when dealing with boundary fences! Depending on your taste, you may want to choose a neutral shade. Or you may prefer to go bold and choose a colour that’s a bit different and stands out. Some popular Colorbond colours include Slate Grey, Primrose, Merino, Domain, and Paperbark. These are all light and neutral shades that will not be overpowering.

    In fact, there are many more colour options. These range from warm and earthy hues to cool and sandy tones. They are all inspired by Australia’s natural surroundings. One place to start is to go to a showroom that stocks Colorbond in your local area to see in person the different options or look online at the colour options on the colorbond website.

    If you’re after privacy, Colorbond is a great option for a block out fence, creating your own private oasis in your front or back yard.

    For these reasons and many more, Colorbond is a choice material when it comes to construction, whether it be roofing, cladding or fencing. We supply and install Colorbond fencing and gates in and around Ipswich. Get in touch with a reliable Ipswich fencing contractor today for your free quote. 

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