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Timber Fences

Timber fences come in many types of styles and sizes. Quality timber with durable construction, our fences are built to last. Choose from timber palings, lapped and capped, picket fences, slatted fences and more. 

custom timber gate with steel frame Ipswich

Timber Gates

A reliable gate increases functionality, convenience, security and privacy. We offer a wide range of gate installation services in the Ipswich area. Sliding and swinging gates, automatic and manual, made of timber, colorbond, aluminium and more. We also work with timber gates with steel frames, you have a multitude of choices which we can run through during our onsite quote. 

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    Our Timber Fencing and Gates Services

    A quality timber fence can do more than just divide boundaries at your property. Your fence can be a feature to be proud of, providing a positive first impression of your home to anyone that comes across it with versatile designs, from simple paling fences to luxury merbau slatted fences, timber is a material that can suit almost any home. 

    Going beyond aesthetics, timber fences will also provide security, protection and privacy for your home. We supply and install timber fencing throughout Ipswich and surrounding areas. We source quality timber that we know will last and we are experienced fencing contractors in Ipswich, meaning we understand our local climate and soil types and their implications on building a durable fence! 

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    Types of Timber Fencing

    Lapped and capped timber fence 

    A lapped and capped timber fence is a good way to add style and privacy to your property. This type of fence is often constructed from treated pine, making sure that your fence will last a long time and be resistant to termites which is important in our region. The lapped and capped fence can be a great solution for people who want a solid barrier, blocked out as opposed to a slatted fence that enables a view to go beyond the fence, creating a sense of space. It is constructed with two layers of palings overlapping each other, which includes a cap on the top of the palings, hence the name lapped and capped. 

    Standard paling fence

    A standard paling fence can be built to enclose a garden or a property. It’s an affordable fence that can provide privacy and protection from the elements.  The typical timber fence that you see around Ipswich, this is a favourite due to its affordability, durability and accessibility due to simplicity in design. 

    Wooden picket fence

    A wooden picket fence is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a classic and timeless style. These fences are typically between 1.2m and 1.5m in height and are an economical way to add a classic touch to your property. They are customisable and look good with many different styles of landscaping. Often used as feature fences at the front of a property, seen in high end properties like renovated Queenslanders with a feature white picket fence. 

    Horizontal slat timber fence

    A horizontal slat timber fence can be built from different kinds of wood, including cedar, merbau, and other treated timber. This is an easy-to-install, versatile solution that can enhance your outdoor space, add an element of privacy, and provide you with the added security of a fence. Unlike a solid block-out fence, these slats can be adjusted to the desired height, providing the desired gap in between as desired. 

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    Benefits of choosing timber for your fence or gate


    Utilising timber for your fence or gate has been one of the most economical fencing options available, in recent times the price of timber has increased which makes it less economical however it is still a great affordable option for your fence. This material is durable, meaning that you will get a good return from your investment.  


    A timber fence or gate is a long-term investment that will for decades. Treated timber is treated to withstand termites, rot and can even be treated to reduce the susceptibility to fire. They last for a long time and are effective for a variety of purposes, from ensuring privacy to preventing theft. If you are concerned about the longevity of timber in your specific area, you could consider Colorbond fencing or aluminium fencing as an alternative, especially in termite prone areas, as steel is simply not susceptible to termite infestation as even treated timber is. 


    Timber can easily the the feature of your property to leave a lasting positive impression. Choosing merbau or cedar or other types of stunning timbers will give your streetscape significant appeal. As functional as a fence is, it can also be a stunning feature that ties your landscaping together. 


    Timber’s natural appearance promotes privacy especially if you opt for a lapped and capped or solid paling style, while its noise-reducing properties make it an ideal choice for recreational areas. It can be adjusted according to the height you require to add further privacy and security. 

    More and more Ipswich homeowners make the shift to timber fences because of the abundant advantages they offer. Make your home stand out and ensure quality in every post that will be installed in your home. Give us a call today to arrange your obligation-free quote for installation of your timber fence or gate in the Ipswich area.

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