Signs of wear and tear on your fence are inevitable due to exposure a fence gets to the elements day after day, which over time will affect the effectiveness of protective coatings on the materials.  It’s not always easy to tell if your fence can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced, your fence may be able to be repaired, but you have to weigh up the amount of time, money, and effort that it takes to repair a fence as it might ultimately determine whether replacing it all together is a better use of resources. 

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Diagnosing the situation

The decision between repairing or replacing a fence is often more complicated than meets the eye due to several factors that need to be considered, including the material your fence is made from, its age, and the extent of the damage or affected area. The first step in determining the best course of action is to assess the damage and determine the cause because if you invest in fixing or replacing the fence, you want to be sure the same problem won’t occur any time soon. This will help you to decide whether it is worth repairing or replacing. 

For example, if you notice wood rot on your timber fence, it is important to investigate the root of the problem and find an effective solution. Is it simply an old fence? Or perhaps the timber was touching the soil and absorbing water over time, if you don’t know the cause and replace like for like, the problem is likely to reoccur eventually.

The decision between repairing or replacing a fence will be strongly influenced by the cause of the damage, as to whether the problem will occur again therefore what the best course of action will be. 

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Superficial damage, such as peeling paint or fading stain, may be easy to fix, but more significant issues like widespread rot and mold require immediate attention. Taking care of these problems can make your fence look new again. Wooden fences can often be repaired by replacing small sections or boards. Unless your fence is in need of a complete reconstruction, it is often possible to make minor repairs. This may involve a new coat of paint, replacing a few affected panels or posts, or patching a small hole. If you need to make minor repairs, try to do them as quickly as possible. This will save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to deal with more extensive repairs in the future. 

For example, if you have a colorbond fence with a dented area due to a collision of some kind, it may be possible to reduce the dent by straightening the panel, however, if the panel is affected beyond a small dent, the entire affected panel will need to be replaced, not necessarily the entire fence. 


If your fence is showing signs of progressed deterioration, such as widespread rust or rot it may be time to replace it. This can be a costly and tedious task, but sometimes a new fence is the only way to go. Leaning fences that are structurally compromised, metal fences that are rusted, and rotting timber fences are classic examples of situations wherein a fence replacement would be better suited. 

A replacement fence is an excellent way to update the look of your home. If you are tired of your current fence and want a change in style, you could consider painting your fence if it is in good condition, however, if you have purchased an older property and want to revamp the street appeal, you’ll want to invest in replacing your fence as it has a significant impact on the first impression your property gives. 

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To Wrap It Up

The biggest factor in determining whether to repair or replace your fence is the amount of damage that needs to be repaired, your budget and the cause of the damage. The general rule when it comes to deciding between repairing a fence or replacing it is that if over 25% of your existing fence needs repair, you’re better off replacing it. Either way, a good place to start it to contact a local Ipswich fencing contractor and organise your free onsite quote to help you make a decision. 

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